Galerie Vivienne


昨日はGalerie Vivienne(ギャラリー・ヴィヴィエンヌ)も訪れました。いくつかあるパッサージュの中でも、 お気に入りです。

I also visited Galerie Vivienne yesterday. Among the several passages, I really like this place.


A cute salon de thé and a classic bookstore stand, and just looking into the window makes me feel happy. It's a special place where the decoration of light sparkles during winter holiday season, turning the cold season into a gorgeous mood.



Immediately after arriving in Paris, I bought a secondhand book of Colette's "Chéri" at a bookstore here. I'm decorating it on the bookshelf, thinking "Let's read it in French someday!" lol

Take a walk while cathing the atmosphere of the 19th century.. 🐈